Warranty- Limited Liability

Film For Classics (FFC) products will be replaced with equivalent product if found to be defective in manufacture, labeling or packaging. Except for replacement, FFC products are sold without further warranty of other liability.

By using FFC products, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless FFC and its suppliers against all claims, losses, liabilities and damages of any kind, including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees, arising from or relating in any way to your use of FFC’s products.

Using roll film and roll film cameras, especially since the camera themselves are over 40 years old, can result in exposure errors. User error and vintage camera malfunction are overwhelmingly the most common sources of exposure errors. Under exposure, over exposure, light leaks, bellows pinholes, inaccurate shutter speeds, loading & unloading errors and simple blank (unexposed) film frames are only a few potential errors.

When the film formats were originally designed, they included borders along the lateral edges of the film strip, which were not normally exposed. In lower-cost cameras (such as Brownie, Ansco and others) the camera’s light seals were marginal even when new and resulted in some edge fogging. In addition, some lower-cost cameras also exhibit image vignetting at the corners. FFC will not warranty film for lateral film edges that are fogged (light-struck), regardless of what camera is claimed to be used, or how the film roll is claimed to be loaded (e.g. darkroom), unless the fogging intrudes significantly into the normal image area.

If you have an issue with any FFC product, contact FFC directly. Do Not Contact or return to the dealer; it will only delay resolution. We will promptly respond to your inquiry. In assessing potential warranty inquiries regarding unusable images, we may, in some cases, require that the film (developed or undeveloped) be returned to us. Unusable film will not be returned.

FFC does realize that the photographs you are taking with your camera and FFC film are very important. As always, the unpredictable can sometimes occur. To fully protect yourself beyond our replacement of the film itself, we strongly recommend you obtain insurance for any critical use or occasion, associated travel & accommodations, business agreements, etc.